We explain why a grab lorry is the better option for your project.

If you need any muck or waste cleared away from your site or home, then hiring a grab lorry could be a great solution for you.

Grab lorries can hold a larger amount of waste

Arranging waste removal can become expensive and time-consuming but grab hire can eliminate those negatives. If you are removing a large amount of waste, it can be inconvenient to hire multiple skips, as the materials and waste may not all fit into just one. However, when using a grab lorry, you can remove larger amounts of waste at once, resulting in a more cost-effective way to remove your stress whilst simultaneously reducing the stress of organising different skips.

Grab lorries can pick up various types of waste

This is a huge advantage over other waste removal methods! When opting for skip hire, you must choose a certain type for specific materials and sizes. Whereas a grab lorry can handle different types of waste and reach materials that are harder to get to. The grab arm is extremely flexible and can handle concrete, cement, bricks, garden waste and much more, making it an easy way to clear all sorts of waste.

Grab hire can save project time

Unlike a skip, you do not need to apply for a permit when hiring a grab lorry. This instantly cuts out some time as the lorries are much easier to get onto a job site, which is ideal for projects that are likely to be shorter. Most importantly, grab hires completely cut out the element of loading the waste into it, like you would with a skip. The grab arm picks up the materials to then load directly into the lorry, needing no input from you or a team of workers. This frees up your time and resources which can ultimately move the domestic or commercial project along quicker.

Better for the environment

You can feel at ease knowing that the waste from your project is being disposed of and handled correctly. It will be taken to approved drop off sites and professionally sorted and dealt with.

If this all sounds like something that would be good for you, please get in touch with our friendly team for more information or a quote. At Pegasus Grab Hire, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers and meeting all their requirements to ease jobs of any size. Providing grab lorry hire in Stourbridge, Birmingham and other surrounding areas.

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