Establish the difference between grab and skip hire to determine which is more cost-effective for you.

Grab hire and skip hire are very popular waste management methods that are widely used for residential and commercial projects.

Is grab hire cheaper than skip hire? The answer depends on the job at hand, grab hire can be cheaper than skip hire when it comes to larger projects. As opposed to paying for multiple skips, you can enlist a grab lorry in Dudley that holds larger volumes of waste.

Discover the benefits of grab hire in Dudley and how this can be a cost-effective waste removal method.  

Grab lorry hire

If you are wanting your waste removed in a quick manner and have large amounts of it, grab hire could be the perfect option to consider. The capabilities of our grab lorries in Dudley allow us to clear lots of waste at once, meaning your project can move along or finish up quicker.

The flexible arm of the lorry enables heavy or large items to be picked up easily, without the risk of injury to yourselves. Therefore, this is an ideal waste management solution for your project and prevents any potential harm to yourself or workers.

It can sometimes be difficult to remove waste from hard-to-reach areas such as behind fences, this is another scenario where grab hire could be more beneficial than skip hire. The hassle of moving items or humanly trying to get to them can be stressful and it can be worthwhile investing in a grab lorry to help.

Skip hire

Skip hire in Dudley can be cheaper than grab hire if you are dealing with a smaller project. It may not be worthwhile getting a grab lorry if you are only intended to order one or two skips for your residential or commercial project.

Skip hire is perfect for home clear outs, small refits and garden clearances that won’t result in too much waste. If you intend to have a longer process and would like continuous access to somewhere that you can put your waste, a skip could be a better choice. They are ideal for longer projects whereas a grab lorry is suited to jobs that need waste cleared quickly and efficiently, so it is completely dependent on what you would like.

Book Grab hire Dudley

At Pegasus Grab Hire, we successfully serve our customers with skip hire and grab hire services in the West Midlands. An environmentally friendly waste disposal method with a company that truly cares for how your waste is handled.

If you would like to find out more about whether grab hire or skip hire is best for you, please contact our team and we would love to talk through your options.

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