We are Pegasus offer reliable and local skip hire services across Birmingham to help remove garden waste, without filling up your green bins so frequently.

Reliable Skip Hire Birmingham for Your Garden Projects

As the days grow longer and the weather warms (yes, even in the UK!), the thought of soaking up greenery in our gardens becomes increasingly exciting. However, preparing your garden for summer requires not just inspiration but could also use a clean-up and organisation. One way to achieve this is through skip hire in Birmingham, perfect for decluttering and getting your garden looking fabulous in time for the Summer. This is where We Are Pegasus comes in, as we offer reliable and local skip hire services to help remove garden waste, without filling up your green bins so frequently.  

Why You Need a Birmingham Skip for Your Garden Revamp

The process of clearing up your garden often generates more waste than expected. Old plant material, soil, broken garden furniture, and general debris can quickly accumulate, meaning it can require multiple trips to your closest waste disposal site. To avoid this hassle, you could invest in a skip, facilitating the efficient disposal of all types of garden waste.

Choosing the Right Skip Size

Choosing the correct skip size is essential to manage your waste removal effectively and for the best price. If you’re questioning the cost of skip hire, it depends on the quantity of waste you need to remove, which in turn, alters the size of skip required. Here at We Are Pegasus, we offer a variety of skip sizes, ensuring that whether you’re just doing a light pruning or undertaking a major garden overhaul, there’s a skip that fits your needs.

How to Book Your Skip Hire in Birmingham with We Are Pegasus

Booking a skip with We Are Pegasus is straightforward. Here’s how you can secure your skip for garden waste management:

Choose your skip size: Select the size based on the amount of waste you expect to generate. If you’re not too sure what size would be best, our friendly team is here to help and can make recommendations based on the information you give us about your home improvement project.

Schedule a delivery: Pick a delivery date that suits your project’s timeline.

Fill your skip: Load the skip located at your home with all types of waste collected from your garden.

Arrange for collection: Once your skip is full, simply contact us to arrange for prompt collection.

Enhancing Your Garden Design

After the necessary clear-out and cleaning, it's time to focus on enhancing the aesthetics of your garden. A tidy garden not only offers a pleasing visual experience but also provides a blank canvas for your creative ideas. Consider the following enhancements to elevate your garden’s appeal:

Plant new flowers and shrubs: Choose varieties that will thrive in your local climate and provide colour throughout the season.

Add new features: Consider installing a water feature, bird feeders, or decorative stones to add character and focal points to your garden.

Create functional areas: Designate areas for dining with friends and family, relaxing, and perhaps a vegetable patch, which can transform your garden into a multi-functional space.

Skip Hire FAQ’s

What can I put in a skip?  

You can dispose of most garden waste in our Birmingham skips, including soil, grass, branches, and general debris. However, certain items like hazardous materials are not permitted and will need specialist removal.

How long can I keep the skip?  

At We are Pegasus, we offer flexible hire periods that can be adjusted to suit your project needs, ensuring you have the skip for as long as you need it without any hassle.

Is skip hire cheaper than Grab Hire?

For residential garden waste removal and decluttering spaces, we would recommend skip hire as an affordable option. Grab hire can be more cost-effective for large-scale jobs that are popular within the construction industry.  

What happens to the waste once it’s taken away?

All waste collected in our skips is transported to licensed waste management facilities where it is sorted, and as much as possible is recycled, helping to minimise environmental impact.

Book Your Skip Hire in Birmingham Today  

If you’ve been putting off the garden transformation, now has never been a better time to get in gear. Book the best skip hire near me with We are Pegasus, you won’t be disappointed!  

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