Our grab hire services can help both commercial and residential projects to be completed in a timely manner.

Grab hire is becoming an increasingly popular waste removal method and it can significantly help to make both residential and commercial projects easier.

What is grab hire?

Grab hire involves a grab lorry that can come and remove large quantities of waste and enable it to be cleared all at once. Grab lorries are equipped with a long hydraulic arm that can effortlessly pick up heavier and bulky items and load them onto the lorry, getting them out of your way.

Grab lorries are particularly helpful in the construction industry as the projects you work on can leave you with different types of materials and having waste in the way can really hinder the project and its logistics. You may be left with lots of rubble, bricks, furniture and many other materials, and there may be a lot of it! If you enlist the help of a grab lorry in the Midlands, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Grab hire or skip hire?

Skip hire is another great waste removal technique that is widely appreciated by commercial and residential clients, however, the effectiveness can be altered depending on how much waste you are likely to have. For smaller projects, skip hire can be perfect as you can have continued access to one on your driveway but once you start collating more materials and rubbish, the skips can become filled quickly which can become irritating.

This is where grab hire could be an option to consider, as it can hold a much larger quantity of waste and wouldn’t be getting filled as quickly. Consequentially, this can also be a much more cost-effective waste removal solution as you won’t be investing in multiple skips, you can just opt for grab hire instead.

Our fleet of grab hire lorries in the West Midlands can come to your home or site whenever you need us and handle the waste immediately.

Grab hire for your projects  

As mentioned previously, grab lorries are able to hold a larger volume of waste which can be considerably beneficial in a construction or worksite project. We are aware of the deadlines and timelines that must be followed in the construction and building industry to ensure that projects can run well and complete on time. The last thing that you would want to happen is for your project to be hindered due to waste being in the way and you are waiting for it to be removed. Therefore, you can plan ahead and contact our grab hire company to come out and prevent this from happening.

An example of this happening is during a house renovation, you will be left with materials of various sorts and there is likely to be a lot of it. You may have a strict completion date and you do not want to impact this by waste and materials being in the way when you need to complete other rooms.

Grab hire Company

If you are looking for reliable grab hire in Dudley and across the West Midlands, our team can come to you when you need us. Get in touch to book with us today by completing our contact form or calling us on 0844 870 0127.

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