Grab lorry hire is becoming considerably more popular in the construction industry, and here is why.

It is well-known in the construction industry that dealing with waste can be time-consuming and quite frankly annoying. Grab hire is becoming increasingly popular in the building and construction trades.

Whatever your project is, our grab hire in Halesowen and across the West Midlands will make it easier for you.

But why should you hire a grab lorry?

Bulk waste

Bulk waste is a common outcome on construction sites, from ground clearance to demolishing a structure, you are going to be left with a lot of waste. The volume of waste that comes from the construction industry can be one of the largest that we come across. Waiting for skips and spending the time loading them could be saved and see the project move along a lot faster.

More capacity than skips

Following on from our last point, it can be challenging to get skips that will hold the amount of waste that you need to be cleared. You can hire a grab lorry and not have to constantly worry about whether your waste will fit. If you are moving a large amount of waste, it can be more cost-effective to use a grab lorry.

Manual handling

Save yourself or your team from spending time having to manually handle large items, leave it to the grab lorry. With a strong arm, the lorry can easily pick up items that are larger or heavier. The arm of the lorry is agile and can reach places that are behind walls or fences. This will prevent any injury to workers on the construction site, making it a positive for everyone.

Delivering materials

On the other hand, grab lorries aren’t limited to just picking waste up, they can also deliver materials, which can be extremely useful to the construction industry. If you need raw materials delivered such as sand or soil, you can sometimes ask for these to be delivered to your site. The lorry can easily offload the things on the back and again save a job of manual handling.

You don’t have to worry about separating your waste or disposing of it correctly as that’s down to us. Pegasus Grab Hire in Halesowen will come and collect your inert waste and deal with it appropriately and in an environmentally friendly way.

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