Find out how our grab hire company can keep your construction site safe and help with projects.

Grab hire is used widely across the commercial industry and is particularly valuable in construction sites. There are often strict deadlines to follow and health and safety regulations to comply with, and our grab hire company can help with this and make your site safe for everyone.


Having quantities of waste sitting around your site can be a health and safety hazard and could lead to injury of someone on-site due to tripping, not having sufficient workspace and many other potential risks. To prevent this from happening, you can invite a grab lorry to come and remove the large quantities of waste and protect your employees.


As mentioned briefly, if workers on a construction site don’t have enough space to work, it can cause problems such as injury or can hinder their ability to complete the job at hand. Various types of waste being in the way can mean that it takes someone longer to do their job as they work around the obstacles or have to spend time moving the materials somewhere else. Again, you can get in touch with our grab hire for site clearances and we will come and clear it all at once.


Following on from our last point, grab hire can be extremely useful when you need to stick to project timelines, which is significantly important in construction and building projects. Don’t let your project fall behind or come to a halt as a result of poor planning and quantities of waste being created and left lying around. If you plan ahead and book grab hire for a building site, it can come straight to your location and pick up the different types of waste that you will have.

Our grab lorries are able to lift heavy items and get into hard-to-reach areas, which can save heaps of time and the need for workers to try and move this waste, meaning the project timeline can stay on track.

For example, if you are involved in building a home or something similar, you will know that sometimes small things can have big consequences and push back deadlines. Therefore, you do not want the waste from one element of the build impacting the ability to complete the next step, such as roofing or decorating.

Pegasus Grab Hire

Our grab lorries can come out to your construction site and deal with your waste effectively, with no hassle and successfully keeping the place safe. Discover how our grab hire for construction sites can work for you and make it easier, speak to our team of professionals.

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