Find out the materials that a grab lorry can and can't remove.

You may be considering hiring a grab lorry for your project, but it is important to understand the types of materials that grab hire can help with.

Our West Midlands grab hire company can accommodate various sizes and types of waste with the ability to easily clear heavy materials.

What waste can a grab lorry take?

• Wood

• Metal

• Plastic

• Furniture

• Appliances – ovens, fridges etc.

• Home accessories

• Branches

• Trees

• Construction materials

• Concrete

• Bricks

What materials can’t a grab lorry take?

• Batteries

• Paint

• Asbestos

• Pesticides

If you are looking to remove any of the above materials, it is often best to contact a specialist to come and assist you. Materials such as asbestos are extremely hazardous and can be harmful to people that aren’t in the correct protective gear and equipped with the right tools. Therefore, it is key that you get in touch with professionals in that industry if you are needing it to be removed.

What are the benefits of grab lorries?

Before searching for ‘grab hire near me’ you might want to discover the benefits of grab lorries.

Flexible arm

A stand-out feature of a grab lorry is the long and versatile arm that comes with it, this enables the lorry to lift heavy items that can be in hard-to-reach areas. Save yourself the potential risk of injury and leave it to the lorry to handle the large and weighty items.

Cheaper than skips

Due to the volumes of waste a grab lorry can take, it can work out as a more cost-effective waste management method. As opposed to ordering multiple skips, you can instruct a grab lorry in the West Midlands and clear all your waste in one go.

Project management

Having access to a grab lorry can help a project move along or finish up nicely, as you can clear the waste and materials as you go. This is particularly helpful in the construction industry when there are deadlines to meet and strict timelines to stick to, to avoid hindering the entire project.

Find out more about the benefits of grab hire in our recent blog.

Grab hire in Stourbridge

We provide grab hire in Stourbridge, Halesowen, Dudley and across the West Midlands. Talk to our friendly team to discover how grab hire services can help your project and remove all types of waste at once. Get in touch by completing our online contact form or give us a call on 0844 870 0127.

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