You may be left with excess soil on your mission to complete your garden project before summer. But what can you do with that soil?

What can I do with any excess soil?

With summer on the horizon, it can ignite our motivation to crack on with a garden project and make it better for the approaching brighter days. Alternatively, you may be an expert in the industry and constantly be needing to remove waste that comes from any commercial projects. Whatever it is, our team of grab lorry hire experts in Stourbridge have detailed some solutions for when you have some soil left over.

Advertise your left-over soil

You may be surprised but people are always on the hunt for soil and can come to take it off your hands. This is a great way to recycle your soil and let someone else make use of it for their project. Advertise on Facebook, Gumtree or any other local selling site and watch it generate interest, there’s no harm in listing it! Even if your soil is of poor quality, it can be used for landscaping projects such as laying a patio.

Re-use the soil for your own projects

If you are considering a DIY project or know of one coming up, you can re-use the soil you currently have leftover. You can use it for some bigger projects or simply just to fill some flowerpots. This can save you cost and resources on your future project, you can’t say no to that. Soil can be extremely handy to help level out your garden and so if this is something you plan to do, put some aside.

If you fancy sharpening up your gardening skills and finding a purpose for the soil, you can find some useful gardening tips online.

Can you take soil to the tip?

Most recycling centres across the country will accept soil but you should factor in the fact there may be additional costs and volume restrictions. Furthermore, you should consider the effort and time it takes to do multiple journeys to the tip. A solution to this is to hire a grab lorry in the West Midlands and remove your soil all at once.

Grab hire in Stourbridge

You have all this left-over soil and can’t find any further use for it, get it all removed with the help of our grab lorries. Having mounds of soil can be unsightly and simply annoying, with our grab lorries in the West Midlands you can get rid of it all. Save yourself the hassle and leave it to our experts who will deliver exceptional results.

Hiring a grab lorry can be an excellent waste removal method when you have larger quantities of soil. The strong arm of a lorry can collect the soil that would be incredibly heavy for a person to tackle and would take much longer. So, if you would like your project to be completed swiftly with a reduced chance of interruptions, you can hire a grab lorry in Stourbridge.

Just tell us when you need us and where! Looking for some help? Get in touch with our friendly team who can answer any questions and talk through your options.

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