Find out the benefits of using a ready-mixed concrete supplier that batches on-site.

Pegasus are volumetric concrete suppliers in the UK, meaning that we mix concrete on-site so that you get the perfect amount needed for your project.

Correct amount

As mentioned briefly, we enable you to get the correct amount of concrete for your job and save you the pressure of meticulously working amount the volume needed. Our fleet of lorries will mix and batch on-site to provide you with enough as the project goes along, this saves you from over-ordering or leaving yourself short.


It can be more cost-effective to choose mixed on-site concrete suppliers as you aren’t wasting money on unnecessary volumes and can pay for what you use. This can bring overall project costings down and it can be much more appealing to choose for our fleet of lorries to mix and batch as and when you need.

Quick timeframes

Mixed on-site concrete suppliers can speed up your project significantly as you won’t have to be waiting around for long delivery times or worrying if you have ordered enough. If you have underestimated the job, you may have to wait longer for more concrete to be delivered and this could consequentially push back your project. Therefore, if you choose Pegasus concrete suppliers, you won’t have to face any of these potential issues and can complete your project efficiently.

Team of professionals

Our concrete suppliers are professional and qualified to deliver exceptional results that you won’t be disappointed with. The entire team at Pegasus are very friendly and can answer any of the questions that you may have. This means that you can feel confident in your choice of concrete suppliers and that every member of the team knows their stuff and can help with your project.

Concrete suppliers

Just let us know when you need our ready-mixed concrete suppliers and we will be there to mix and batch as required. Pay only for the concrete that you use and get the exact amount for the job. We understand that you don’t always need high volumes of concrete, so we do not charge for part-loads either. Whether you are laying a new driveway or completing a large construction project, we can come out to help.

Get in touch with our ready-mixed concrete suppliers to find out more.

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