Find out which method of waste removal is best for you. We have set out the benefits of skip hire and grab hire.

These types of waste removals are popular in both commercial and domestic environments. But do you know which waste clearance method is best for you?

Our team of professionals delve into the benefits of each waste management service and how you can save yourself time and money.

Benefits of grab hire

Grab lorries remove waste from ground level and move it onto a load bed. They are typically used in the commercial sectors to remove larger scales of rubbish.

Large capacity

As briefly mentioned, grab lorries are ideal for any project that needs a large amount of waste cleared. This is due to the grab lorries being able to carry a higher volume of waste in comparison to skips.

Heavy items

Skips are great for removing lighter bulky items that you can throw in but sometimes you are left with heavier items and need a hand from the grab lorry. Grab lorries can pick up waste from over fences or hedges and it can save a huge amount of time and effort from manually moving items from one place to another.

No need for a permit

When it comes to grab lorries, you don’t need to obtain a permit or inform the council. Therefore, it may be a little bit quicker and more cost effective for you to hire a grab lorry in Halesowen and surrounding areas.

Benefits of skip hire

Skips are containers that are great for a general clear out, removing waste from refitting a room in the house and many other projects.


Hiring a skip that is at your disposal throughout the project can be a convenient waste removal method. Avoid making piles of rubbish and keep a clear environment to make it a smoother process. You can get a skip delivered and collected at times that are convenient for you.

Cost effective

There are various sizes of skips that you can hire, each designed to be ideal for different projects. You have flexibility to choose which skip is best for you and pay for what you need.

Save yourself time

A common alternative to hiring a skip is trying to cram items into your car and encounter multiple trips to the tip. Save yourself time and money by skip hire in Halesowen and surrounding areas.

If you would like more information about grab hire or skip hire, please get in touch by calling 0844 870 0127.

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